Use Rotating Proxy with Selenium

Sample codes showing how to use our Rotating Proxy with Selenium Chrome/Firefox, supporting Java, Python, C#, Ruby, and Javascript (Node.js).

Here we will show how to use our Rotating Proxy with Selenium Chrome/Firefox. You can use both our Rotating Premium Proxy services (stable premium proxies) and Rotating Open Proxy (unstable public proxies) for Selenium browsers.

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Use Rotating Proxy in Scraping Scripts

With our rotating proxy, your script needs only one gateway proxy to do the scrape jobs. Each request is redirected to a new IP.

We release new services rotating open proxy (unstable public proxies) and rotating premium proxy (stable premium proxies) recently. They aim to make it easier for scripts to switch IP while doing scrape tasks.

Regular Proxy

When using regular proxies, your scripts need to do these things in order to use different IPs to scrape the web pages.

  • Get a proxy list from your proxy provider by API (example).
  • Use a proxy from the list to scrape web pages.
  • Change to another proxy to avoid that IP being blocked.
  • After a while (one hour), get a new proxy list (Step 1).

Rotating Proxy

When using our rotating proxy service, your script needs only one proxy to do the jobs. It doesn’t need to download a proxy list and change proxies. We rotate the IPs for you.

Use one gateway proxy to access thousands of IPs
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Does DNS Test Leak My Real IP Address?

The website which makes the DNS test can only know your DNS provider. It can’t know your real DNS settings or real IP address behind the proxy.

Question: I use a UK IP address in My IP Hide. But the DNS leak test shows my DNS servers are in Belgium. Does it leak my real IP address?

Answer: The short answer is No. Below is a detailed explanation.

Websites Know Your DNS IP?

The websites which can show our DNS servers are using the same technology. We use this one as an example:

Here is the test result for our My IP Hide server (UK5).

DNS Leak Test
DNS Leak Test for UK5 Proxy

It seems that the website knows our DNS servers. In fact, it only knows the ISP of our DNS because our real DNS servers are and instead of 74.125.x.x.

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My IP Hide Is 13 Times Faster Than VPN

We tested the speed of My IP Hide as well as the major VPN protocols (OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec). The result is that My IP Hide is 13 times faster than VPN.

Recently we made a test to check the speed of our product My IP Hide. It’s an encrypted proxy service to hide IP and unblock websites. In theory, it should be much faster than its main competitor, VPN. How was its performance in reality? Let’s see.

Speed Comparison

Since the test report is long, we put the result on the top. Here is a chart to show the speed of the VPN protocols and My IP Hide.

My IP Hide vs. VPN
My IP Hide vs. VPN

From that graph, we can see that My IP Hide achieved 83% (285Mb/s) of the maximum speed (345Mb/s, direct connection, no proxy, no VPN), while OpenVPN only retained 6% (22Mb/s). Since OpenVPN is the VPN industry standard protocol, we can conclude that My IP Hide is 13 times faster than VPN.

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