How to Get Our Proxy List Using API

Use our API to get thousands of HTTP or Socks proxy list with custom format and filters (anonymity, HTTPS, country, port, socks5/4).

The API of our HTTP proxy list and socks proxy is just a link. There is no complex configuration or document. Here we go.

1. Log in to the customer area

Didsoft Custom Area
Didsoft Customer Area

2. Click the “Actions” button > “Get API URL”

Proxy List License

3. Config the filter and format of the API URL

1) For the HTTP proxy list, you can filter it by country, anonymity, HTTPS, and port feature.

Set the API of the HTTP proxy list

2) For the socks proxy list, you can filter it by country, port, and version (socks5 or socks4). There is no need to filter it by anonymity or HTTPS since all Socks proxies are highly anonymous and support HTTPS natively.

Get Proxies by API URL
Set the API for the Socks proxy list

4. Use the API URL in the browser or your own script/program

This demo image shows the country code. You can choose not to show it.

Use API in the browser
Use API in the browser

That’s all. It’s so easy. Not tried it yet? Give a try on our HTTP or Socks Proxy List. We provide a 15-day money-back guarantee. If not satisfied, you can request a full refund.