Use HTTP or Socks Proxy Lists in Scrapebox

A tutorial on how to use our HTTP or Socks proxy lists in the popular SEO tool Scrapebox.

Here we will show how to use our Proxy List with Scrapebox. Our Proxy List services include HTTP Proxy List service and Socks Proxy List service.

1. Use Proxy List in Scrapebox

First, download the proxy list by Elite Proxy Switcher (for HTTP proxy) or Socks Proxy Checker (for Socks Proxy). You can also use the API URL to get the proxy list.

Download the proxy lists by App or API

Second, copy the proxies to clipboard by right clicking the proxy area.

Copy the proxies to the clipboard

Then paste the proxies to Scrapebox. Before doing it, you can clear the old proxies first.

Scrapebox clear old proxies

Then right click the proxy area of Scrapebox.

Scrapebox import proxies from clipboard

2. Use Socks Proxies in Scrapebox

For Socks proxies, you need to do an additional operation. Select all the proxies and then mark them as Socks.

Scrapebox mark socks proxy

Now you can use the proxies to do the tasks in Scrapebox.