How to use our rotating proxy with your software?

How it works

Gateway proxy redirects requests to new IPs in the proxy pool, then to the target

Rotating Proxy


Use it in fast rotating mode, slow rotating mode, or both

Slow Rotating Mode

The real IPs behind the slow rotating ports change every 30 mins. If you want to change IP at once, just use a new port.

Fast Rotating Mode

Rotate IP for every request. You can use it in traffic software or scraping scripts. Here is a quick guide.

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15-day money-back guarantee. Cancel at any time.

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Rotating Pro 5M
per monthyear
High Speed (5X)
100 Threads
Unmetered Traffic
8100 Premium IPs
HTTP(s) & Socks5
5 Whitelist IPs
Rotating Pro 2M
per monthyear
Medium Speed (2X)
40 Threads
Unmetered Traffic
8100 Premium IPs
HTTP(s) & Socks5
2 Whitelist IPs
Rotating Pro 1M
per monthyear
Low Speed (1X)
20 Threads
Unmetered Traffic
8100 Premium IPs
HTTP(s) & Socks5
1 Whitelist IP

We accept paypal, credit card, bitcoin, webmoney, and many other payment methods. All plans include a 15-day money-back guarantee.

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Frequently asked questions about our rotating proxy

Here is the speed of each package.

  • 1M package - 1Mbps = 128 KB/s
  • 2M package - 2Mbps = 256 KB/s
  • 5M package - 5Mbps = 640 KB/s

What is 1Mbps? It is the traffic speed, 1 million bits per second.

We don't meter the traffic you used.

100 threads = 100 concurrent connections

  • In the fast rotating mode, you can send 100 requests to the gateway proxy in one second to use 100 IP simultaneously.
  • In the slow rotating mode, you can use 100 gateway proxies simultaneously.

If you bought the 100 threads plan and sent 200 requests in one second, the last 100 requests would fail. In this case, you can buy two 5M licenses.

We own and control all the 8100 proxies in 52 countries. Those proxies are stable and always working. Their success rate is 99%.

There are three types of proxies.

  • HTTP proxy is for HTTP websites, such as
  • HTTPS proxy is for both HTTP and HTTPS websites. It supports while HTTP proxy does not.
  • Socks5 proxy is a versatile proxy for all your Internet usage, such as FTP, SMTP, IRC, HTTP, HTTPS.

Since HTTPS is a part of the HTTP protocol, sometimes we call HTTPS proxy as HTTP proxy too.

Our rotating proxy service supports two authentication methods.

  • Username/Password: You can use this method if your IP changes from time to time.
  • Whitelist IP: You can use this method if your program doesn't support the user/pass method.

Both the fast rotating (one proxy) mode and slow rotating (proxy list) mode use the same authentication methods.

1. Whitelist your IP for "IP Authentication" in the client area.
Otherwise, the proxy will deny your requests.

2. Input that proxy to the proxy option of your software.
Proxy IP: (get from the client area)
Proxy Port: 2000 (HTTP/s) or 3000 (Socks5)

3. How to check the real proxy IP behind that proxy?
Use that proxy to surf this show-my-IP page:

Since the proxy rotates IP every second, you will see a new IP every time.

4. Here are is a detailed tutorials for you.

We provide 500 slow-rotating ports (20001~20500 or 30001~30500) that rotate IPs every 30 minutes. You can use one of them for 3 minutes and then change to the next.

If you want to rotate IP every second, please use the fast-rotating port 2000 or 3000.

No. We don't have mailing proxies. You can buy them from this vendor. Find the Mail Special package in the Popular rates section.

Rotating Open Proxy uses public proxies that are unstable. Only 60% of your requests to it will succeed. Rotating Premium Proxy is stable. Its success rate is 99%.

Here are more details, including their supported websites. View its Point 9 (Open vs. Premium).

No. Our proxies are from datacenters. You can buy rotating residential proxies from this vendor.

No, they are shared, not exclusive.

You can buy a 3-day refundable trial to check whether it works for your target website.

We provide a 15-day money-back guarantee. If not satisfied, you can request a full refund.

The backend IPs are in 50+ countries. You can filter the proxy country roughly. We support these options.

  • All Countries
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Europe
  • USA & Europe
  • Others

If you want to choose IPs for a specific country, please follow this instruction.

No. Our IP pool only has 8100 proxies. They won't change daily.

No. Our proxy pool (8100 IPs) is for all the users. You won't get 2x8100 IPs with two licenses.

However, you can get more threads and bandwidth with two licenses.

The IPs in A.B.C.0 ~ A.B.C.255 (ex. ~ are in the same subnet.

It's easy for websites to trace or block IPs from the same subnet.

Other vendors usually sell 10K proxies in 50 subnets. Our subnets are much more.

Our service is worth the price.

1. Each private proxy usually charges more than $1/month. You can view their pricing here.

We provide 8000+ proxies at $29.97/month. Each proxy charges less than $0.004.

2. Other vendors usually sell 10K proxies in 50 subnets. We sell 8000+ proxies in 700+ subnets.

Note: Click on the heading text to expand or collapse questions.


We have 8100 premium proxies in 52 countries

Total 8100 IPs in 714 Subnets in 52 Countries
All All8100Subnet 714Asia125S.A.11EU EU3921US US4012
NL NL1621RU RU619EE EE540GB GB276DE DE192CA CA104

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