Socks Proxy Checker 1.11 is Released

Socks Proxy Checker 1.11 is released on Dec 6, 2012. It includes many improvements. We recommend all users updating to the latest version. It includes these changes.

  • Show country for downloaded socks proxy list
  • support switching proxy from the system tray menu

Socks Proxy Checker

Socks Proxy Checker Introduction

You can use Socks Proxy Checker to protect your Internet privacy or access the blocked sites by hiding your real IP using a proxy.

Socks Proxy Checker is a professional socks proxy checker and proxy switcher for your browsers. It can test the details (speed, version, country, email, gateway, dangerous, udp) of the socks proxy and automatically change the proxy settings of your browsers (IE, Firefox and Chrome).

Socks Proxy Checker Features

  • Proxy Checker: professionally test the details of the proxies.
  • Proxy Switcher: quickly change the proxy settings of the browsers.
  • Proxy Downloader: get daily fresh socks proxy lists by just one click.
  • Proxy Manager: easily maintain your personal proxy list.