We Improved Our Proxy Services

We improved our proxy services these days. We have improved our free web proxy, our proxy software My IP Hide, our http proxy list, socks proxy list and proxy list for website.

Free Web Proxy

Our free web proxy supports more sites. Now our web proxy is optimized for these sites: youtube, facebook, twitter, gmail, msn, hotmail, myspace and yahoo mail. However for some of them, we have to redirect to the mobile/lite version of them. It’s because of the limit of web proxy. However our web proxy should be able to support most sites which don’t use javascript heavily.

My IP Hide

We have improved the activation function of My IP Hide for Singapore users. In Singapore, many Internet Service Provider uses proxy to save bandwidth. So the user will have different IPs for different site. It causes problem for Singapore users to activate My IP Hide. Now we have fixed this problem. No update is needed because the update is done in the server end.

Proxy Lists

Now our proxy list is updated every hour instead of every 6 hours. It affects all our proxy lists, including the free proxy list and the paid proxy list: the http proxy list, socks proxy list and proxy list for website. Now our users should be able to get more working proxies from our proxy list.