Use Rotating Proxy on Android

Using the app SocksDroid, you can use our rotating proxy as a socks5 proxy on Android. You can choose to rotate IP every sec or every 30 mins.

Here we will show how to use our Rotating Proxy on Android devices. You can use both our Rotating Premium Proxy services  (stable premium proxies) and Rotating Open Proxy (unstable public proxies) on Android.

Proxy Authentication

The IP address of the Android phone will always change. It’s better to use username/password authentication of the proxy. You can view your username/password in our client area.

open fast rotating option
Open Fast Rotating Option

Get username/password of the proxy

Android Proxy App

We will use a socks proxy app SocksDroid for the Android phone. First, input the proxy IP and port to SocksDroid.

SocksDroid Proxy IP Port

We use as a demo IP. You should use the real one got from the client area. For port, you can use 3000 if you want to change IP every second. If you want to change IP every 30 minutes, please use a port between 30001~30500.

Second, input the username/password that you got from the client area.

SocksDroid Username/Password

Last, enable the proxy that you just input by tapping the top slider. It will show a dialog to ask for permission to make a VPN connection. Approve it.

Now you can open this site to check your IP address. If you are using port 3000, you will see a new IP address every time you refresh the page.

Check your IP address