Use a Rotating Proxy in Scrapebox

A tutorial on how to use our rotating proxy service in the popular SEO tool Scrapebox.

Here we will show how to use our Rotating Proxy with Scrapebox. Our Rotating Proxy service includes Rotating Premium Proxy service (stable premium proxies) and Rotating Open Proxy service (unstable public proxies).

1. Use Rotating Proxy in Scrapebox

For Google, we recommend our Rotating Open Proxy. Since Rotating Premium Proxy has limited IPs, Google blocks most of them. Rotating Open Proxy has new IPs every day. It still works for Google searches.

open fast rotating option
Open Fast Rotating Option

fast rotating proxy
Username/Password Authentication

First, copy the IP:Port:Username:Password to the clipboard. Note: and its username/password in this image is just a demo. You should use the real one in your account.

Copy the rotating proxy to the clipboard

If you use IP authentication, you can just copy the IP:Port. It doesn’t need the username/password.

IP Authentication

Copy the IP:Port to clipboard

Note: is just a demo. You should see the real one in your client area and whitelist your IP there.

Now you can paste the rotating proxy to Scrapebox by right-clicking the proxy area.

Clear the old proxies first

Scrapebox import rotating proxy

Now the rotating proxy is ready for Scrapebox’s tasks.

Rotating proxy with username and password

Rotating proxy using IP authentication

You may ask if all the traffic is from the same IP. No. Every time Scrapebox uses the rotating proxy, it will use a new IP (from the Proxy Pool) to scrape the target website. 

Use one gateway proxy to access thousands of IPs

2. Scrapebox Proxy Checker

There is a problem with the proxy checker of Scrapebox. The rotating proxy doesn’t pass its Google test.

Scrapebox Proxy Manager

However, you can still use the rotating proxy to get the search results from Google using the “Detailed Harvester”. Note: The “Custom Harvester” failed to do its task using our rotating proxy.

Scrapebox Harvester

Scrapebox Harvested Url’s

Note: If your country blocks Google, you can use the socks port 3000 of the rotating proxy in Scrapebox. Remember to “Mark it as Socks” in Scrapebox’s proxy section (see Point 2 above).

Scrapebox Rotating Socks Proxy
Scrapebox Rotating Socks Proxy