Proxy Lists Adjustment

We renamed some proxy packages, adjusted pricing, added new packages, including the 3-day trial lists, and hid some packages, including the premium lists.

Recently, we renamed some of our proxy list packages, adjusted the pricing, and add new proxy list packages.

Moreover, the quality of the Premium Lists (updated every 5 minutes) is NOT better than the Regular Lists (updated every 30 minutes) these days.

Thus we don’t list them on our websites. However, we still update them. You can still buy them. The purchase links are in the tables below.

Socks Lists Adjustment

Old PackageNew PackageNote
Socks 1500 ($82/m)Socks 8200 ($79.96/m)Renamed
Socks 1000 ($55/m)Socks 5500 ($54.96/m)Hidden
N/ASocks 4100 ($39.96/m)Added
Socks 500 ($28/m)Socks 3000 ($27.96/m)Hidden
Socks 200 ($11/m)Socks 1100 ($10.96/m)Renamed
Premium Socks ($48/m)Premium Socks ($47.96/m)Hidden

HTTP Lists Adjustment

Old PackageNew PackageNote
HTTP 6500 ($61.95/m) HTTP 6500 ($59.95/m)Adjusted
HTTP 4000 ($38.95/m) No ChangeHidden
N/A HTTP 3000 ($28.95/m)Added
HTTP 2000 ($19.65/m)No ChangeHidden
HTTP 1000 ($9.92/m)No Change
Premium HTTP ($29.95/m)No ChangeHidden

3-Day Trial List

Now we provide two 3-day proxy lists for user testing.

New Proxy Packages

Here are our latest HTTP and Socks Proxy List Packages: