Set Firefox to Use Remote DNS

An instruction showing how to set Firefox to use remote DNS. Use Firefox’s advanced settings to set the remote DNS option of socks proxy.

Question: How can I set Firefox to use remote DNS when I use socks proxy in Firefox?


1. Search “proxy” on the Firefox options page. Then click the “Settings” button for its “Network Settings” to view Firefox’s proxy options.

Firefox Network Options
Firefox Network Options

2. Check the option “Proxy DNS when using SOCKS v5”.

Firefox Remote DNS
Firefox Remote DNS

What Program Changed Proxy Settings?

Follow this instruction to find what program changed proxy settings on your computer.

Question: I’m using your program My IP Hide to change the IP address. But after a few seconds, my proxy settings will be restored to direct connection. What is the problem?

Answer: It seems that some program reverts your proxy settings. Follow this instruction to find what program changed your proxy settings.

First, you need the program Process Monitor. Download it from here:

1) Run it. You will see this dialog. Click the “Filter” button.

Monitor Proxy Settings

2) Add a filter rule. Show the entries whose path ends with “ProxyEnable”. Please type in the “ProxyEnable” by yourself. Then click “Add” and “OK” buttons.

Filter Proxy Settings

3) Click the “Start” button to start monitoring your system.

Program Changed Proxy Settings

4) Enable MyIPHide now. When MyIPHide says your proxy settings are changed by another program, click the “Start” button again to stop the monitor. Now see what program is shown there.

In that screenshot, you can see Elite Proxy Switcher (EPS.exe) changed the proxy settings besides My IP Hide (MIH.exe).

Is Proxy Safe to Use?

Is proxy safe to use? Is there a way to avoid giving away sensitive information to the proxy? This article answers those questions.

Question: Is proxy safe to use?

I just wanted to find out if proxies are safe. I mean can proxy’s record passwords etc when someone is surfing through them. Or can the owner place a sniffer and sniff out the content or hijack the connection.

Is there a way to avoid giving away sensitive information to the proxy or at least encrypting the information. Are there any tutorials on how to find proxies and use them from start to finish with security in mind. Thanks

Answer: It will be safe if you use an HTTP or socks proxy (IP:Port proxy) to access a secure (https://) website instead of a non-encrypted (http://) website. Secure websites such as PayPal use the encrypted (SSL/HTTPS) connections between the user and its server. Thus no one can know the sensitive data you sent or received.

For non-encrypted websites, it all depends on the proxy administrators. They are able to know the information you send and receive through the proxy. However, most proxies won’t record or monitor your traffic. They only transmit and receive data for you.

Web Proxy

If you are using a web proxy, your information may be intercepted even if you are accessing a secure website.

A private proxy is usually safer than a public proxy. It’s because the private proxy providers would lose their business if they stole the information from the users. You can try our safe proxy service. It encrypts the traffic to improve the security of your online activities.

Safe Proxy Service

Question: Proxy Safe and Internet Service Provider

I know that when I am using a proxy, my IP address is modified. But what are the configuration between my PC, my Internet Supplier and the proxy and the web?

Is it:
1. PC—-Internet Supplier——Proxy—-Web [or]
2. PC—-Proxy——Internet Supplier—-Web

In the first situation, the web doesn’t know me, but my supplier knows what I am doing. In the second one, how is it possible to connect to the proxy without using first my internet supplier?

Answer: PC <–> Internet Service Provider <–> Proxy <–> Web Server
Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) knows what you are doing on the Internet.

Question: That means that my ISP know that I’m using uTorrent and I’m loading Torrents. That means It is not safe? Where are the anonymity and security?

Is there any protection (encryption for example) for IP address and online privacy?

Answer: In fact, your ISP doesn’t know you are using uTorrent. They can only see you receive many data packets from different IPs and send data to them meanwhile. So ISP can guess you are using a P2P software.

ISP usually won’t monitor its users’ activity because there is a huge amount of data to analyze.

Most serious websites such as PayPal use the encrypted (SSL/HTTPS) connections between the user and its server. Thus no one can know the sensitive data you sent or received.

Question: Is proxy safe from tracers?

Is it possible for my real IP to be hidden totally from others if I use a proxy? I’m not too sure what it does but when I use it and run a browser and check my IP, my IP is changed. Does this mean I am safe from anyone who wants to trace my location?

Answer: You can use the proxy to surf to check whether it’s anonymous. If the proxy is anonymous, you are safe from ordinary tracers. But I’m not sure whether it’s safe if your tracer is FBI. As they have the time, energy and resources to find you.

Question: I am scared that the owner of the proxy server will steal my ID and PW of the game I play. Is it possible that somebody see my ID and PW through a proxy?

Answer: If the game program uses the encrypted connections, it’s usually safe. Otherwise, the administrator of the proxy server is able to know your username and password.

Proxy Checker: Am I Using a Proxy?

Question: Proxy Checker: Am I Using a Proxy?

Strange thing is, I’m NOT USING A PROXY! Never bothered to run the proxy checker when i’m just using the internet normally before. Tried it this time and got these information below. looks like I’m using a proxy.

HTTP_ACCEPT text/xml,application/xml,application/xhtml+xml,text/html; q=0.9,text/plain; q=0.8,image/png,*/*; q=0.5
HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE en-us,en; q=0.5
HTTP_ACCEPT_CHARSET ISO-8859-1,utf-8; q=0.7,*; q=0.7
HTTP_USER_AGENT Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.8) Gecko/20051111 Firefox/1.5
HTTP_VIA 1.1 wc-bkkbt2 (NetCache NetApp/5.6.2D7) Dubious
Conclusion You are possibly using a proxy.

So, my question is this…

On sites that don’t like you using Proxies (paypal etc) how dubious to the above values need to be before said sites can confirm you are definately using a proxy and then take action?

Can someone explain the values: HTTP_VIA, HTTP_X_FORWARDED FOR in more detail for me (sorry still new to this game)

Is having these fields pop up on a proxy i’m using going to flag up my paypal account?

Answers to any or all of these questions would be nice!

Answer: You aren’t using any proxy in your computer. But your company or ISP may be using a proxy. So the proxy checker detects proxy using.

Proxy Anonymity

Proxy server may be configured to either reveal or hide the end user’s IP address, depending on the administrator’s preference. Proxy Anonymity is determined by whether or not the proxy reveal your real IP address.

There are three types of proxy server according its anonymity.

High Anonymous Proxy (Level 1): The web server can’t detect whether you are using a proxy by the information your browser sent.
Anonymous Proxy (Level 2): The web server knows that you are probably using a proxy, but it can’t detect your real IP.
Transparent Proxy (Level 3): The web server knows that you are using a proxy and it can also detect your real IP address.

Proxy Checker

Proxy checker analyzes the HTTP header variables. If your IP address is revealed, it will usually show up in the HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR variable. Other variables that may reveal your real IP are:


You can use our online proxy checker to detect the anonymity of the proxy you are using.

You don’t need to worry about using a proxy. If I was PayPal staff, I would think that you were using a proxy. But I would not think you were going to cheat because both of your IPs ( and were from the same city: Bangkok. It’s usually because your ISP is using a proxy.

Proxy List Checker

If you want to test the anonymity of a proxy list, it will take too much time to check the proxies one by one. You can use our software Elite Proxy Switcher to help you.

How to Block Proxy?

Question: How to block proxy?

I am running a forum, I have a person who has activated app. 30 accounts, he wants to destroy our forum.
He is only using proxies, how can I block him, I know in which country he lives. I validate all new members by hand, is it possible that I check the IP using a list or program to scan if it might be a proxy?

All information is welcome, this guy is really dangerous!

Answer: There are three methods to block proxy. The first method is to check the HTTP headers. If there is HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR or HTTP_PROXY_CONNECTION in the headers, the visitor is using a proxy.

The second method is to make a proxy database. You can collect proxies and save them in your database. When a user visits your site, you try to find his IP from the database. If found, you can say he is using a proxy and ban his access.

The last method is to use a third-party script to block proxy access such as ($199/domain). It charges some fee to use their proxy blocking service.

URLs for leeching proxy?

Question: URLs for leeching proxy?

I have been trying to find a good list of Urls to load into one of my proxy programs. Is there anywhere I find such a list? Or if I have to make one myself, where do I get the URLs? or maybe a better questions would be, what type of URL am I looking for?

Any help would be really appreciated.

Answer: Here you can find some URLs for leeching proxy. You can use our software Forum Proxy Leecher to use the leech list and gain proxies.

leeching proxy

Forum Proxy Leecher (FPL) is an intelligent proxy leecher that can extract proxies from various proxy sites and proxy forums even if the proxies are in the attachment. Here is a video tutorial for you.