How to Use My IP Hide in PS3

Question: I want to know how to use My IP Hide on my PS3?

Answer: You can run My IP Hide on your Mac/Windows computer. Then use your PS3 (PlayStation 3) to connect to My IP Hide.

However, My IP Hide only supports the browser on PS3. It doesn’t support the games.

1) Your PS3 and computer should be in the same LAN (WiFi).
2) Click the “Setting” button on My IP Hide
3) Go to the “Misc” Tab of the “Settings” dialog
4) You will see a Proxy IP (Server) and Port in that Tab


5) Set that proxy IP (server) and port in your PS3




Press the “Right” button all the way until you see the “Proxy Server” option. Then choose “Use” and click the “X” button.




6) When you exit My IP Hide on your computer, you should set your PS3 to use the direct connection. Otherwise, it can’t open any web pages.